Human 76

Human 76 - An Unprecedented collection of Post Apocalyptic Stories - Ghabrie - by Lisa Shambrook and Michael WombatCreated by: Lisa Shambrook and Bekah Shambrook

Collated by: Michael Wombat and Miranda Kate

Authors: Lisa Shambrook, Michael Wombat, Alex Brightsmith, Denise Callaway, KJ Collard, Alison DeLuca, Michelle Fox, Rebecca Fyfe, Jeff Hollar, Nick Johns, MS Manz, Julia Rios, KR Smith, Steven Paul Watson.

Publisher: Michael Wombat

Date of Publication: August 2016

Retail Price: £11.99 UK Paperback Lulu/£9.99 UK Paperback Amazon
£1.99 UK eBook Lulu and Amazon

ISBN: 978-1-326-65720-8 Paperback

Cover Blurb:
“You left my sister behind to be experimented on – I won’t!”

Nahria’s screams still shattered Ghabrie’s nightmares.
The two sisters fought like feral creatures as rebellion warriors and Prometheans battled, and Ghabrie slipped into unconscious oblivion as the butt of a rifle slammed into her head.
When she woke, Ghabrie’s reason to live was gone and she vowed never to rest until Nahria was back at her side.

Brutal villains and heartrending heroes will thrill your soul as Ghabrie makes a lasting impression on those she meets in her fractured world. Follow her desperate quest through a stark post-apocalyptic world to find and rescue her lost sister.


Writing Human 76

Bekah Shambrook as Ghabrie from Human 76

© Bekah Shambrook

In 2015 my family and I stood in the freezing cold in Pembrey Park, our fingers pale and cold, gripping weapons in our hands. You might ask why?
We wanted a family portrait and we like to do things differently. When we posted our photographs online a picture of my daughter, Bekah, caught my writing community’s eye and Ghabrie was born.

Bekah and I sat down and created a world in a post-apocalyptic landscape, and instructed our authors to write, the only necessity was that their characters had to meet Ghabrie at some point in their story. Ghabrie and her search is the theme that threads through the book, but what you get is a gorgeous vignette of many lives, some struggling and some prospering, in the Post-Blast world.

Human 76 - An Unprecedented collection of Post Apocalyptic Stories - Ghabrie - by Lisa Shambrook and Michael Wombat

© Lisa Shambrook

My own tales Leaving the Nest and We Make the Future open and close the book. Michael Wombat, author of The Raven’s Wing and Fog, and more came on board with Miranda Kate, editor, and author of Slipping Through, to edit and collate the tales and you’ll need to read it to discover how all the tales entwine in the most amazing way…

You can read much more about how this collaboration came to be in two of my blog posts: Human 76 – Ghabrie is on her way… and Human 76 Releaseand Michael Wombat’s Human 76 post.

Human 76 is available in eBook and paperback and all links are found on my website . You can also buy signed paperbacks from my own Etsy shop, Amaranth Alchemy.

Human 76 is also available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon and in Paperback and Downloadon LuluAll proceeds from this book will go to Water is Life, a global charity that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need worldwide. Our book is about those displaced and struggling to survive in a dangerous world and this charity fits perfectly with our stories. So when you buy the book you will be helping those in need.


© Bekah Shambrook