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Visual Dare: Mystique

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #11:


It was the last time she would stare into his eyes…and the finality hit her with a permanence she had refused to allow just moments before. Eyes locked and souls lost in a single moment that would mirror eternity in the weeks, months… years to follow.
Every fragment of their love, every last glimmer had to be shared before the moment was gone, and though not a sound left their lips, every word that was left was said.
Then he stepped back and vanished and the reeling, shimmering portal sealed with a radiant burst of light.
He was gone.

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Visual Dare: Risk

I’m trying Angela’s Visual Dare #9 prompt for the first time. The photograph can be used to either weave into your WIP or as a 100 word flash…

Photograph Source: Les Petites Choses

There are moments in childhood where danger simply does not exist.
It matters not whether you’re a renegade pirate walking the plank with no fear of sharks or the roiling ocean below, or a circus performer walking the wire with the gaping mouths of lions snapping at your feet. You could be an explorer balancing, a million feet up, on a precipice, rescuing a hoard of refugees from incarceration and leading them to certain freedom…
You could be anything, anything in the world, in the universe, anything anywhere!
The important thing is though…is never to forget those precious moments…
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