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55 Words: Tears of the Innocent


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The trees arched overhead, foreboding and dark in the gloom of the forest; only whispers and sadness carried on the breeze, drifting high and swirling like ghosts through the canopy.
Now, decades on, the couple stared through red-rimmed eyes and bent their frail joints to touch the truck entwined in roots, their son’s last memorial.

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0. 55 Words Challenge


Written for 55 Words over at #55 Word Challenge, use one or all of the photo prompts to write a story using only 55 words or less.

55 Words: Redd’s Mistake

Squirrel, Track and Child

Squirrel, Spring, Child and Nature: as found on Jezri’s Nightmares

Sunlight dappled the track and Redd crept through the undergrowth.
“Numbskull…” he cursed darting through the dandelions.
Up ahead, dinner wandered, lost and alone, and enough to feed the entire colony, for months… but Redd had forgotten his child neutralising nettle tail, and where the hell were his nightshade-tipped hedgehog spines when he needed them?

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A 55 word tale based on the three above photograph prompts found at Jezri’s Nightmares, pop over and take a look at the other fun stories!

0. 55 Words Challenge

55 Words: A Twilight Crescendo

Her incantation spiralled into night’s sapphire sky on the wings of ravens and dark spirits. 
She‘d already buried the blazing sun and now the moon shivered behind swirling mists. 
Her utterance rose with haunting clarity and the moon shrank, dwindling, until nothing but shade existed, and her nightmare song summoned and freed dusk’s malevolent doors…
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55 Words: Companions

We’re a team, Clive and I. Food is scarce when you’re a legless zombie, and not the intoxicated kind either, Smart Alec. Clive brings back food, not a lot, but enough guts and entrails to keep me going…and I, on the other hand, keep him fed, after all, what use did I have for legs?

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Pretty sure I entered a couple of hours too late for this week’s 55 Word Challenge, but I loved the picture, so went for it anyway! Check out the other entries, there are some good ones! 

55 Words: Colourless

Colour had been banished and was nothing but a faded memory in surviving centenarian’s minds. Colour slowly leeched out of existence when mother earth’s calls for help were ignored.
Her final vengeance came in colour, lots of it. Royal blue burned the sky, and everyone beneath, as copper ammonium rained down from her unforgiving heavens.

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55 Words: Recollection

Beads of perspiration formed on her skin. It was these lonely, hot summer nights that she couldn’t bear, these balmy evenings that lengthened into humid and unbearable nights, where inky blackness served only to torment. 
She turned on her back and stared at the ceiling, reminiscing, remembering, recalling the night she handed over his name…
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55 Words #44: Padlock

She’d been alone for so long she’d forgotten what it meant to be two. She clasped his hand and trembled. 
He tilted her face to his, traced the lines of her life with his finger and pressed his lips to hers. This simple gesture unlocked inhibitions and allowed her rusty self-confidence to begin to flourish.
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55 Words #43: Tracks

The delay caused numerous reactions ranging from an irritating tapping of five-inch-heels and drumming fingers to frustrated glances at watches, long sighs and frequent calls home, but by far the most disturbing reaction was from the driver, who after the sickening impact, vacated his cab and walked directly in front of the 5.47 from Paddington.

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This one’s a bit dark, but hey that’s how the picture grabbed me…
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55 Words #41: Punishment

Incoming tide reaches just about eight feet at its full height. I’m just over six foot and the chain’s slack is about two feet, give or take.
Survival is about numbers, strength and stamina.
They’ll all watch, but I’m fine with that.
Don’t feel bad, if you’d done what I did, this would be you.

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55 Words #40: Never Forget

His lack of memory, they said it was genetic, an unknown mutation, but there was nothing more they could do. They didn’t want any more experimental drugs, scans and tests; they wanted to try something new.
Nellie had been cheap on the black market, something about the demise of the circus…and since, he never forgot.

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