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Who am I, and who are you? A Guide to Being Yourself…

How to be yourself and love who you are…

who am I and who are you, a short guide to being yoursefl, bio, about me, being yourself,

I was in a good place when I began blogging, way back in February 2010, and my very first post was about being happy and being myself.

not-all-wander-lost-the-last-krystallos-tolkienIt had taken a long time to get to a comfortable place within myself. Quoted from my first post: I turned from a quiet and shy schoolgirl, into a teenager caught within a cage of responsibility, desperately trying to assert and rebel, to a young woman finding love and needing acceptance, but I had no idea who I was… I become a wife and a mother, but who was I? In my twenties, I had no idea who I was…now, two decades later, I do.

How do you know who you are?

You be yourself.

Not always easy, and it makes me recall the meme… ‘Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn.’ We very often try to be something/someone we’re not. The answer is in my quote above…acceptance. Accept who you are, love who you are, be a decent human being, be who you are, and make no apologies for it.

Meyer Briggs 16 personalitiesHow do you tell others who you are?

I remember trying to write bios for my author pages, blog and website, and having no idea how to describe myself. I decided to go poetic for my blog ‘About Me’, and more personal on my website, but it’s difficult to cram your entire personality into a few paragraphs. We, human beings, cannot be described in a matter of a few sentences!

When you write your bios and about me narratives, try to keep to your own style, show who you are within the words you use, and draw people in. Most of all – be yourself!

If you’re anything like me, you love exploring who you are, and I’m often distracted by a plethora of Buzzfeed quizzes! The only one that really hits the point for me, though, is the Myers Briggs test… so indulge and see what you are with one or all of these Myers Briggs versions: Personality WorldPrelude Character Analysis and 16 Personalities…enjoy!

Her sentences were icebergs - Gregory Galloway

And, so, what am I?

I am compassionate, an observer, a writer, a thinker, and a dreamer. I believe in myself. I’m an idealist and a perfectionist. I’m an artist, with an eye for beauty and elegance. I’m a loner, a star-gazer, a cloud-watcher, a wanderer, and a romantic. I’m emotion and love. I am waves upon the ocean, the wind in the trees, and the morning sun resting on your skin. I am broken and unfinished. I am whole. I am INFJ, I’m intricate, and I’m complicated. I am lost and found, and a cliché. I’m an empath, an introvert and a warrior…and, oh, so much more.

 And what are you?

Sunshine Award…

The lovely Afsaneh at Dreaming of Stories nominated me for this one…maybe it’ll help bring the sun back after months of rain this Summer…here goes:

You need to include the Logo and a link to who nominated you…
Give 10 things about yourself, nominate and link a further 10 for the award…
So here are 10 slightly obscure (or not) facts about myself:
1. I’m possibly happiest with my feet in the water – paddling along the shoreline, kicking the surf makes me happy. Sand tickling my toes, though I hated sand in my shoes as a kid, absolutely loathed it!
2. West Wales has a realm of glorious sandy beaches to traverse, rain or shine, wellies or barefoot, but I still miss the pebble beaches of Brighton (SE England) where I grew up. I miss the sound of the sea churning the pebbles, throwing stones at cans and hearing that ‘plomp’ when pebbles hit the water!
3. My favourite chocolate is Lindt Creamy Milk, closely followed by Galaxy.
4. I once spent a couple of weeks as a ten-year-old dragging a piece of string around as my invisible dog after watching Murdock do the same on ‘The A-Team’, yes, he was mad…
5. I have a split personality when it comes to making decisions, resulting in me being the most infuriatingly indecisive person I know! 
6. When I was about eight-years-old I got my right index finger crushed in the hinges of an old, red telephone box. I hid in it whilst playing ’44 Save All’ not the best place…two boys obscured my exit and held the heavy door closed on my finger; my almost glass-shattering scream made them let go and I emerged with a much squashed finger! 
7. My favourite childhood books were ‘The Silver Brumby’ books by Elyne Mitchell, I devoured the whole series about Thowra and his offspring, and desperately wanted to be a horse or have one! It was my little sister who ended up owning five horses!
8. I got married at nineteen and we celebrated twenty years together last year, it’s our twenty-first in a few months time!
9. Back to indecisiveness…my best mate Mark took me to a jewellers on my eighteenth and asked them to pierce my ears, I kept putting it off! I love unusual earrings and jewellery!
10. One day when I’m a little old lady living on my own…I want to be a mad, bad, eccentric cat lady!
And ten lovely Bloggers…who bring me sunshine!