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Visual Dare: Disobey

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #32

It was her self-assured smile that caught me… 
No one had ever caught more than a glimpse before, let alone actually snare me. 
I, the elusive ghost of the night, the wild and dark spirit that troubled those who thought they saw me, those whose fear kept them trapped by their own limits.
It was a small girl, with power unseen and an indomitable belief in her dreams that tamed me.
She ignored every warning and waited in the snow, and when I was more than a shadow she smiled, and when winter’s icing sugar snow revealed me, I followed…
(100 Words)

Visual Dare: Eclipse

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #26

She stood in silence, watching. Watching was all she ever did now. 
Children tumbled and shouted, and squealed and leaped into flurries of snow, and Emilie wished she could join in. Laughter filled the frigid air, but no-one cared how cold it was and snowballs landed in soft thuds amid a volley of excited shrieks.
Emilie held her gloved hands to her face and breathed out. Memories rose as frozen, crystal vapour coiled before her like thick dragon smoke. She wanted to join in, but no one ever saw her, not since then…and her veiled hands shielded her dragon burns.
(100 Words)

Visual Dare: Gutted

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #14

Bare battens pressed into her back and powdered plaster fell like a flurry of snow onto her head as she sank to the floor amid the rubble. 
She swallowed hard, her mouth as parched as the rotted wood. Her hands shook in the same way as the torn wallpaper did in the breeze, and dust particles dancing in the rays of sunlight over by the door made her giggle. 
More dry plaster floated and landed, mingling with the lines on the cracked mirror in her hand, but her mind was already stripped of reason and she sniffed, inhaling deeply…
(98 Words)