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Monday Mixer: A Somnolent Surprise…

Photograph by Bekah Shambrook (Please do not use)
A Somnolent Surprise
I sighed, dandelion clocks, the bane of my life, no sooner than I eradicated every blighter, an errant, fluffy orb emerged in the grass. So, with billhook en garde, I moved carefully. Any breath, the faintest zephyr, and seeds would fly.    
I slipped to my knees, leaned close, and just as the knife touched the stem, the seed-head blenched
I stared, shaking my head, my insular world blown in one fell swoop. 
Parachuting seeds scattered as another sigh left my lips, this one a gale in the world of the tiny winged creature clinging to the dandelion stem. As I stared, thoughts flew, each more fantastical than the next. Bold flashing eyes gazed back, and I watched as the fairy unsheathed a tiny sword. Unable to resist, I leaned closer and the diminutive blade, emitting a somnolent hum, pierced my eye…  “Why, you…little…” and my legs collapsed as I yawned…
(150 Words)
Decided that less is more for this week’s Monday Mixer at The Latinum Vault, though I’ve still incorporated five words, so Over Achiever still possible… Go and take a look at the other entries…see how many words you can weave into a 150 word exact tale!