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Creative Feature: Bekah Shambrook

A Creative post today that keeps it in the family!

Pieces of a  Dream Model Jess Brown photographer Kimberely Collins Photographer Retouching Bekah Shambrook

Pieces of a Dream – Model: Jess Brown, Photographer: Kimberley Collins Photograpy, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

Bekah is one of the most creative people I know, excelling in art at school and branching out into many creative ventures. She has three businesses beneath the Masterpiece Artistry umbrella. Masterpiece Face Painting was born first and she regularly face paints at children’s parties and events. Masterpiece MUA came next and she’s worked with some brilliant photographers and models, and her latest venture is Masterpiece Design, designing logos, brands and websites. She’s a chip off the old block and is my daughter!


Bekah Shambrook – Make-up Artist, Face Painter and Designer

Bekah Shambrook – Make-up Artist, Face Painter and Designer

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by everything around me but I think mostly by other make-up artists. It’s wonderful to see what other artists can create and I love to try to emulate techniques to create a piece of my own.

Model Abi Rose Photographer Kitty KEMS Photography Hair Owen Hair Follicle-Genius Roberts

Model: Abi Rose, Photographer: Kitty KEMS Photography, Hair: Owen Hair Follicle-Genius Roberts, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

You’re a very creative person, is your art planned or spontaneous?

The majority of my art is planned, being a makeup artist tends to be a collaborative process since you need a model and a photographer to create the finished product so I need to plan ahead. I love sitting down with my make-up kit and a mirror to create entirely spontaneous looks too though!


Work In Progress…face charts and application

Looking at your make up artistry – do you have a favourite brand of make-up, or colours, or techniques?

I’m not one for spending lots on my make-up, I’m a believer of the skill being what creates the look and not the tools. I use a lot of Make Up Academy (MUA by Superdrug) and Sleek Makeup.
As for techniques, I just like to try everything. I have used eyelash glue to stick feathers to a model’s face and I’ve used white face paint to colour a model’s eyelashes white! If it works (and is safe) I’ll give it a go.

All That Glitters Model Vikky David Photographer Joe Prileszky Retoucher Charis Talbot

All That Glitters – Model: Vikky David, Photographer: Joe Prileszky Fashion Photography, Retoucher: Charis Talbot, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

You’ve turned people into zombies and warriors, produced delicate bridal make-up and created an eclectic variety of make-up work. What do you consider your best work to date – do you have a favourite piece?

I always love the more creative work, I feel as though my skill as a make-up artist is being challenged which is what I strive for. Your can never better yourself if you don’t try things you’ve never done before. To that end, my favourite piece is ‘ All that glitters…’ although it was one of my first pieces I love it and it would have been nothing if it wasn’t for the wonderful photography by Joe Prileszky.

Model Kirsty Walters Photographer Ginger Snap Dragon Photography Leather Gauntlets Lydia Wall Millinery

Model: Kirsty Walters, Photographer: Ginger Snap Dragon Photography, Leather Gauntlets: Lydia Wall Millinery, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

What are your future plans with Masterpiece MUA?

I’m not entirely sure, I wouldn’t really want to do it full time because I’m worried that it wouldn’t be so much fun for me.
I plan to work with Mel Davies Photography on her Nimra project which is super exciting!

Golden Mane Model Lizzy T Photographer Mel Davies

Golden Mane – Model: Lizzy T, Photographer: Mel Davies Photography, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

Lastly, if you could commission anything for yourself, money no object, what would it be?

Hmm… This is a tough one, most of the time if I want something and and can’t afford it I’ll make it myself! (or at least try to…)
I think it would have to be a costume… One of Daenerys’ stunning costumes from Game of Thrones… Or perhaps one of Galadriel’s gowns from The Lord of the Rings.

Merched y Mabinogi Model Kseniya Photographer Kimberley Collins Photography

Merched y Mabinogi – Model: Kseniya, Photographer: Kimberley Collins Photography, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

You can find Bekah’s portfolio on her MUA website, find all her websites on Masterpiece Artistry, like her Facebook pages: MUA, Face Painting, Design and follow her @bekahcat on Twitter.

Bizarre Magazine Model Abi Rose Photographer Ginger Snap Dragon Photography

Bizarre Magazine – Model: Abi Rose, Photographer: Ginger Snap Dragon Photography, MUA: Bekah Shambrook

Bekah’s Make-up Bio

As a freelance make-up artist I love to use my creative flair to dream up new concepts, looks, and ideas.
I don’t just make models ‘pretty’ I make them different, I love to take them from their comfort zones and drop them into a new realm. I will bring dreams to life.
I use make up as an art form.
I love working with models and photographer who also have ideas of their own, and I love to help bring their ideas to life to create a phenomenal shoot.

Models Kas Mason and Megan Toomer

Models: Kas Mason and Megan Toomer, MUA and Prosthetics: Bekah Shambrook

So Here It Is…

Having just decorated the cake, it now feels like Christmas! It’s been the same over the last few years…my cakes used to be standard, just rough iced, but after watching Kirsty Allsopp a couple of years ago I became more adventurous!

The first year I put polar bears on my cake and I haven’t looked back since…this year I attempted penguins. Not all plain sailing…couldn’t buy black fondant icing anywhere, so had to make it with food colouring. Advice is to use gel paste colourings, but couldn’t find a black one, so it was liquid colours…and that didn’t help. You need a lot to make white fondant black, though I made it a day before and it darkened from steel-grey to black overnight. The icing became softer and stickier with each drop of black…which added to my frustration as I tried to mould penguins. It turned out to be easier to keep the icing in the fridge and only bring it out each time I moulded or added something (eyes, feet etc), was a long drawn out operation and several penguins were violently sacrificed during this process!
The iced-over pond was made by melting four glace mints in a tiny cake tin on grease-proof paper (at a low temperature for about 15 mins) then cooling in the fridge. The bubbles made as the mint heats makes the ‘ice’ you’re left with look pretty authentic! The pond sits on top of very stiff royal icing (I add as little water as I can get away with when making my royal icing, I like the peaks!) and I lightly coloured the icing below the pond with the palest blue (food colouring). Finished with a few snow-covered rocks of white fondant and the penguins surrounded by ‘snowballs’ (sugar decorations) and silver balls.
The rest of my cake is a standard rich fruit Christmas cake and traditional marzipan. My husband makes the cake with the children, I marzipan it…then make decisions about decorating it myself in secret and we all enjoy the big reveal when it’s finished!

So, yes, now it’s Christmas! We’ve decorated the tree…I love that my tree is covered with individual decorations, which I add to each year with anything unique I can find. I love homemade decorations too, the children’s school efforts…Bekah’s robin, Dan’s star and angel and Cait’s snowflake… Almost nothing is repeated, and this year I made my own Button Snowflake and Button icicle (similar to the snowflake, but buttons on one white lollipop stick, both sides, big buttons at the top and small at the bottom…)

I’ve had my face painted, cute snowflake on my cheek. Bekah is starting up a Face Painting business http://littlemasterpiecefp.blogspot.com/ and she painted faces at our local church Christmas party…some excited little tigers! See her Facebook Page for some more great pictures: http://www.facebook.com/LittleMasterpieceFacepainting

Along with the cake we’ve made our Christmas pudding, lovely recipe, which makes our main pudding and several mini ones too! Takes ten hours in the oven, but oh boy, the house smells good that day!
We’ve even been carol singing…granted, people find it strange that a large group can go carol singing and not expect payment, but being out in the dark singing carols and wandering down a street of twinkling Christmas lights is magic!
Since Caitlin moved to High School, I’ve missed the infants/junior school concerts and nativities…what’s not to love about little boys with gold cardboard crowns, tea-towel shepherds, grumpy inn-keepers who forget to open the door, reindeer with runny noses and angels with wonky halos..? I miss the innocence and enthusiasm!

So what’s left? I must finish the present wrapping (before school’s out!), Santa’s done all his! We’ve got our Santa hats, the holly and the ivy…what more?

Perhaps just the time to take a moment and remind myself of the reason for it all…

‘And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped himin swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger…’ (Luke 2:7)