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Visual Dare: Normalcy

Doris tightened her lips and clenched her buttocks as she strode purposefully forward, under her best town hat. 
The city was not the place for her. 
The bus ride was best forgotten, particularly the appalled gasps of revulsion when her goose evacuated his behind and shook his tail feathers. The marabou plumes on the chic lady’s hat shook with the same shivering rhythm, but for very different reasons, and they’d been politely ushered off to continue on foot. 
The goose followed with a surprisingly majestic gait, but his constant honking strengthened both her resolve and humiliation. She avoided bemused giggles and glanced up at the street sign before turning resolutely onto Main Street.   
Heavy, ornate signage, chandeliers and swirly scripted menus intimidated, but before she pushed through the doors with countryside naivety and offered up her fattened prize, she checked: roast goose and fois gras were still on the menu. 
(150 Words)

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