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Blogflash: Day Twenty-Eight: Frog

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
Day Twenty-Eight: Frog
Flood Part Twenty-Four
“What’s wrong sweetheart?”
“Everything! This isn’t what I expected…”
“No, but we were out at sea…we couldn’t see what was going on here!”
“Careful where you step dear…mind that, that’s glass…” Fragments of glass splintered beneath planks of wood, razor-sharp sheets of corrugated iron threatened to serrate anything that passed close enough and crushed, fractured homes disintegrated beneath survivors feet. “…everything’s gone…trees down like matchsticks, homes lost…”
“We’ll be okay sweetie…”
“…and illness, we should get our jabs in the Red Cross tent…and Eeeewwww!”
“What else?”
“Frogs…all these frogs!”
“Well, at least it was good for the amphibians!”
(98 Words)