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12 Days of Christmas: Music

Day three of Stacy’s Blog Hop and the gift is Music…I decided to continue a previous flash challenge which you can read here at Monday Mixer ‘Impasse’…let the music play…

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
Linten pulled the evanescent stone from his leather pouch and shook his head trying to rid his ears of the ringing from the explosion. The corridor was completely blocked and there was no going back…  He could barely see the stone in his hands in the gloom, it glowed, but its power was fading fast. Linten closed his fingers around the warm stone. He could feel it vibrate in his palm and his hopes lifted, just a little. 
“This had better work,” he muttered, “One wish and this is it…I need an escape …”
He drew in a deep breath then coughed as rock dust tickled his throat. As he finished coughing he opened his fingers and glanced down at the stone, now vibrating more intensely and he smiled. “C’mon, c’mon…” He thrust his tulwar back into its sheath and enclosed the stone in both hands. His moth fluttered against his cheek as he willed the stone to work its magic. 
The stone began to sing, music pulsing through the cavern. The music continued, soft notes palpitating like Linten’s own heart, building to a crescendo. As the music reached fever pitch, Linten was enveloped in a tornado that ripped his breath away and he sank into oblivion. 
Fluttering tiny wings roused him, he still clasped the stone within both hands and a gentle melody echoed in his head. His helmet sat upside down at his side and his moth crackled with tiny flames of worry. Linten sat, warily. He was out of the mineshaft and free, and he drew in a breath of fresh night air and opened his fingers revealing the evanescent stone. It tingled and he brought it to his lips, but as he kissed the precious rock the music stopped and the stone vanished, its duty done.
(300 Words)
Day three: March – Music
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Monday Mixer: Impasse

This is my first go at The Latinum Vault’s Monday Mixer. The rules are to write a piece in 150 words no more, no less, using at least three of the prompt words. So here we go…

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
When the mineshaft blew explosions echoed down the corridors, ringing off the walls and Linten wondered if escape had ever been an option. Unbuckling his helmet to ease the clanging reverberation, he grabbed the hilt of his tulwar brandishing the sabre as he stared into the gloom. 
“Light!” he demanded gruffly, spitting dust out of his mouth, and the little moth on his shoulder burst into flames. Linten’s eyes darted about the impasse and fine particles of pulverised rock settled in the crypt, dusting his armour. 
He spoke, his voice echoing, “That’s enough!” He didn’t want to extinguish his moth’s intrinsic luminosity, not when it might be needed again.  Its flames died away and it fluttered nervously.
“Okay…” he spoke softly now, “let’s see if this’ll work…” and he pulled a fast fading evanescent stone from his battered leather pouch. “She said a wish, just one…and I need it now!”
(150 Words)
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