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12 Days of Christmas: Rebirth

Day Four of 12 Days of Christmas: and the gift is Rebirth:

Photograph  by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
He was tired and his mind never stopped. Three years trying to keep his head above water in these times of recession had cost him dear. The business drained him, in a way he’d never have predicted all those years ago when he’d stood on the doorstep with Liz. The pride in her eyes and the flush in her cheeks had excited him as much as their new venture had, but now the light had faded behind her brown eyes, and the best part of his day was closing his own when his head hit his pillow. 
He barely noticed Liz, he was too tired. 
He didn’t notice his favourite meal on the table he was too busy calculating profits and losses. He never saw her longing eyes, and he never felt the stroke of her hand on his as he slept. He ignored her needs, because his were satisfied. He had no idea that his mother received flowers on her birthday, but he smiled when she thanked him for her gift.
He waved Liz away when she hugged him, no time for that, and her lips caught his hair as he rushed out of the door. 
He ignored her when she begged him to cut his losses, and he sneered when she told him they’d be happy poor. 
He didn’t notice when her eyes lit up again, or when her new dress fit her curves to perfection. He didn’t even notice the new scent on her pulse, or those heels. He never saw her new hair, or the blush-red lipstick, he was too busy stretching for his out-of-reach mobile phone as he lay on the floor holding his arm and clutching his chest. 
As he ended, she was reborn and he never saw his butterfly unfurl her glorious wings. 
(300 Words)

Day Four: April – Rebirth
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