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Phenomena: The Shimmering Star

Create an original superhero with an extraordinary tale…is the brief for Samantha Geary and Audiomachine‘s Epic Hero Event: Phenomena.

The story is inspired by Audiomachine’s ‘Fortress of Solitude’ which will be available on their new album ‘Phenomena’ released on May 6th 2014.

To enhance your enjoyment of my story please listen to the track while you read…

The Shimmering Star*


Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)


(1151 Words)


*Author’s Note: 

This story has been removed as I have reworked it for a story included in A Symphony of Dragons. I loved this story so much and knew I wanted to work on it. It has entwined with my wip (work in progress) which will become The Seren Stone Chronicles… 

You can read the brand new version of this story The Legend of the Seren Stone within A Symphony of Dragons. You can find this enchanting book of short stories in many outlets in both paperback and eBook or at my publisher BHC Press.

(However you can still find and read the original version in the comments on Samantha Geary’s Epic Hero Event: Phenomena.)