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Five Sentence Fiction: Cherish

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use)
She ducked and muttered gripping the washing basket, as Action Man leaped from the banister and a torrent of Matchbox cars raced down the hallway, biting at her heels. 
She expertly ‘shivered’ her ‘timbers’ as she hopped over strategically placed plumped-up cushion stepping stones in a treacherous ocean of stormy blue carpet. 
She avoided the mad hullabaloo, as the cat screeched and narrowly escaped an afternoon of captivity beneath an overturned cardboard box that suddenly became the TARDIS. 
And she managed to survive feeding time at the zoo, in spite of demands to feed the tiger and the lion first and allow the monkey the meal of his choice.
She was run ragged in her own home and bossed by the most raucous of little monsters…but she wouldn’t have it any other way…  
Written for Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction, go read the other wonderful tales…

Five Sentence Fiction: Inspire

She’d sailed the seven seas, single-handed, in a tin boat, thwarting pirates and sea monsters…and huge octopus, tentacled things.
She’d prepared banquets for lords and ladies, with the finest of menu’s written in glittering gold on the finest emerald paper, with cupcakes and chocolate dessert.
She had conquered the final frontier, flown amid the stars in the cockpit of her silver rocket, discovering new planets and greeting aliens in green.
She married Prince Charming and climbed the castle’s crumbling tower, and proclaimed her love and devotion to her loyal subjects below.
“Time’s up sweetie!” came the call, and her mother wandered up the garden path gathering teddies and dolls up into the old tin bath, chuckling at the soggy mud-pies sitting atop gold-glittered leaves,  and she called her daughter down from the tree, smiling at her tattered wings and the happy-tired grin on her face. 
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