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55 Words #39: The Omen

Every eye watched her, and he knew she knew it.
Nerves jangled as he eyed the ring, surreptitiously slipped around the tip of the cue.
She wriggled her backside, grabbed the cue and aimed. She never noticed the sparkler spin off and fly across the room as she took the shot that broke his heart.

(55 Words)

Written for 55 Word Challenge. Choose a picture and write a story in no more than 55 words… see here for other great entries!

PS. Here’s a link to my 13-year-old’s go at this week’s 55 Words: Secret Hero.

Sink or Swim…

I feel invigorated, full of energy, ready for anything! For the first time in over a year I’ve been swimming…doesn’t sound like much, but I used to swim every week and I loved it as much as writing.

Photo: Aberieddy By Lisa Shambrook

Then I allowed depression to pull me under and the lack of motivation kicked in. I’ve blogged about my depression before here and my love of swimming here, but didn’t really realise what an antidote to depression swimming is…
As I feel myself sinking in real life it takes effort to stay afloat…but this time I’ve had an influx of love and support from amazing friends.
Last time I slipped under I relied heavily on antidepressants and dealt with the excessive lethargy they left me with, this time I want to take a different approach.
I don’t want to sleep, I want to feel alive!
The answer is exercise…and I’m very grateful to have children who want me to live and not drown like a zombie!
So here I am, ready to dive in and power on through life no matter what whirlpool tries to drag me down into its murky depths. To start with I’ll swim; there’s nothing better than feeling the water envelope and lift me…then diving beneath and swimming…just myself and the water…

Nothing more relaxing to me than launching into a pool and surging underwater, those few mere moments of being alone and at one with the elements. Then the rhythmic movements of swimming, kicking, breathing…living and feeling the power of life within…
If money was no object I’d have a pool…it’s the one luxury I would take and enjoy.
How do you cope when life’s pressures become too much?
And if money was not an issue what would you do/have to help?