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Of Mist and Magic – Really Slow Motion

If you adore the epic in life and the magic of mist and mystic…then this book of reimagined fairy tales is for you. Under the influence of Really Slow Motion‘s beautiful music, ‘Of Mist and Magic‘, fairy tales are reinvented and brought to you inside an enchanting anthology of short stories, in an exclusive Amazon companion book ‘Of Mist and Magic‘.

All proceeds go to the youth organisation Elevate Life and Art Studios.

My story is a contemporary retelling of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson and the accompanying piece of music is Flames of Glory by Ivan Torrent

Of Mist and Magic By the Light of Stars


Links to buy: Of Mist and Magic eBook: Amazon UK, Amazon US

Of Mist and Magic _Really Slow Motion

Of Mist and Magic – Really Slow Motion Album: Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes, Bandcamp

Blogs: Samantha Redstreake Geary read her tale Of Dreams and Daring
and find a snippet of Ruth Long’s tale Rooted at Bullish Ink.

The book is a bargain at less than £1…if you’ve read and enjoyed these snippets, you’ll be longing to read it! Dip into some mist and magic and enchantment…