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Of Mist and Magic – Really Slow Motion

If you adore the epic in life and the magic of mist and mystic…then this book of reimagined fairy tales is for you. Under the influence of Really Slow Motion‘s beautiful music, ‘Of Mist and Magic‘, fairy tales are reinvented and brought to you inside an enchanting anthology of short stories, in an exclusive Amazon companion book ‘Of Mist and Magic‘.

All proceeds go to the youth organisation Elevate Life and Art Studios.

My story is a contemporary retelling of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson and the accompanying piece of music is Flames of Glory by Ivan Torrent

Of Mist and Magic By the Light of Stars


Links to buy: Of Mist and Magic eBook: Amazon UK, Amazon US

Of Mist and Magic _Really Slow Motion

Of Mist and Magic – Really Slow Motion Album: Amazon UK, Amazon US, iTunes, Bandcamp

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and find a snippet of Ruth Long’s tale Rooted at Bullish Ink.

The book is a bargain at less than £1…if you’ve read and enjoyed these snippets, you’ll be longing to read it! Dip into some mist and magic and enchantment…

Tree of Life: Branching Out: Day One

When I got asked to take part in Samantha Geary’s Tree of Life – Branching Out collaborative writing challenge, I was unbelievably slow to respond. I thought maybe I’d been asked by mistake!
Once I realised how amazing this challenge was I was wholeheartedly involved and have loved it!

Audiomachine make epic theatre/movie trailer music and this album ‘Tree of Life’ has entered the Billboard Classical Charts at #12. They have recorded music for The Hobbit, Thor and Star Trek to name but a few!

26 authors were given one of each of the new tracks and asked to write around 150 words in a continuous story. I’ve been following the story on Samantha’s blog and eagerly awaiting my turn. This is my piece…

By the way once I’d heard the music, buying the album was a must…and I adore it!

Please Read Angela Brown’s piece first…it leads perfectly into mine…

As the storm finally subsided… and light, melodious rain fell, Zoe rested replete in Adam’s arms. Crepuscular rays bathed their searing, salty skin and Zoe’s soft smile lingered. Waves rippled and scintillating diamonds glittered on the ocean surface.
A drip, from the leaves above, sizzled as it touched her skin and Adam’s finger trailed the bead of water down to her breast, where he let it settle. Zoe raised her hand and stroked his thigh, their eyes meeting in calm satiety and love. Zoe’s hand smoothed across her belly and down into the sand.
“So, this is life…” Zoe sighed.
Adam nodded, “Giving and creating…” A wide grin spread across his freckled face as he lifted a daisy from behind her ear. “We’re intrinsic now…to this earth, to this life…to the dance of this planet.”
They laughed as an exultant neigh interrupted their moment, and they beheld their unicorn galloping across the endless stretch of sand and sea, daisies blooming beneath his hooves and waves crashing in his chaotic wake. 
Laughter lit up the sky and Adam pulled Zoe’s lips to his. As they parted a breeze danced across their bodies and they shivered in unison. Adam’s words resounded across the wide expanse as they embraced. “We are one.”
Across the ocean, on the far horizon, a mountain grumbled beneath simmering clouds.
(222 Words)
Tree of Life – Audiomachine Available here: CD BabyiTunesamazon.co.uk, or via streaming at Spotify.
Track – Day One