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Five Sentence Fiction: Words

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)
The sudden explosion lit up the dusk and its thunder robbed him of his hearing as he was hurled across the dusty, gritty road; shock and shrapnel embedded its shards beneath his bloodied skin, but nothing stopped him crawling back across the detritus to circle the remains of the best friend he ever had. Confusion tore at his heart, but despite the ringing noise and acrid smoke he refused to leave, and settled mournfully in the middle of the rutted road to wait.
Black night loomed with shouts and gunshots, then chaos and blasts, and he flattened his ears and his body, and trembled by his master’s corpse. 
Dawn sneaked across the hills and he shivered in the morning cold, until soldiers, bloodied and weary, marched back along the road, and he growled, his hackles raised and ears sharp. He flinched as they approached and their brusque commands failed to touch him; it took a burly trooper’s bristly embrace and soft, whispered words to allow the dog to leave, but never forget.
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Five Sentence Fiction: Sacrifice

It was the startled cry from indoors that brought him to his feet and his trembling fingers dropped the plastic figure; the toy soldier lay consigned to death as he was carelessly trodden on and buried face-down in mud.
Chilled by the shrieks from his house the small boy ran, his grubby knees weak and scared, and he yanked open the back door and took a stand.
His mother cowered and bleeding glanced up in dread and tried to wave him away, but her son failed to see the knife shining in her hand, and with blinding terror of his own he swung his fists at his inebriated father. 
The man towered and hollered and bear hands grabbed at the skinny child, and even with a knife deep within his back and another aimed at his barren heart, his drunken hands gripped tighter and tighter.
And dirty hands, once angry pummelling fists, dropped and fell open, and the little soldier gave himself for another.
This was written for Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction one year Birthday celebration. We could choose any of the words used across the past year. So I chose one I missed early on when I first discovered Five Sentence Fiction: Sacrifice.