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Art by Instagram – Sharing your Artistic Streak with the World: Colours and Seasons

I love images – photographs, paintings, evocative writing,
and art that create the essence of something real, whether abstract or realistic.
I’m an artist of words, pictures, photographs, and sculpture,
and Instagram has been one of the ways I share my creativity with the world.


I enjoy capturing moments and photography is the easiest way to do that, even easier since the advent of digital cameras, apps, and editing software.  Beautiful images soothe the soul, and I love being able to share them so readily.

Recently, as I scrolled my Instagram feed, I noticed how the seasons rule the colours in my photographs. It’s easy to recognise the season by the colours rippling through the collections of pictures. It’s subtle, but it’s there…


Spring © Lisa Shambrook

Spring erupts across the pictures in deep bluebell lilacs, pale pinks and white of daisies, and blossom and spring flowers, daffodil yellow and clean greens with new growth and hope.


Summer © Lisa Shambrook

Summer hails with beaches, blue sky and crashing ocean waves, deep rose pinks, lilacs and summer flowers, and magical rays of sunshine.


Autumn © Lisa Shambrook

Autumn brings deep berry red, gold, russet, crimson, and brown of crunchy, fallen leaves, warm colours and cosy pets, scarlet apples and night lights, and shimmering silver frost.


Winter © Lisa Shambrook

Winter arrives with night-sky indigos and blues, glittery frost and gleaming snow, jewel tones and hot chocolates, bare trees and the colours of cold and chill and warm blankets.

The seasons have their own colours and tones and I love being able to scroll through them…

You can find me on Instagram @lisashambrook and I share more pictures on Flickr.

Which season owns your favourite colours?  

Bluebell Woods and an Enchanting Carpet of Colour

‘…she flopped to the ground amid the bluebells.
Her hands brushed the mat of flowers and she lowered her head 
staring intently at the spray of tiny bells.’
Beneath the Rainbow

Bluebell Woods and an Enchanting Carpet of Colour

Anyone stopping by my blog cannot fail to notice my love for bluebells. You’ll find them on my banner and on my first book cover, I’ve blogged about them before and they’ve been my favourite flower since I was small. Now I wander through Carmarthen’s Green Castle Woods rather than the Sussex woodlands of my childhood. The beauty, however, exists countrywide.


© Lisa Shambrook

Bluebells talk to me of spring, new growth, romance, fairies, childhood and innocence, and I look forward to them every year. The hardy flowers thrive in our damp climate amongst the woodland flora. 50% of our native bluebells grow in our woodlands and we stroll through their carpet of blue every April and May as their delicate flowers swathe the ground.


© Lisa Shambrook

Not much gets in their way as they spread beneath our trees, but the Victorian introduction of Spanish Bluebells, as garden plants, have become a threat over the years.


© Lisa Shambrook

Spanish bluebells are stronger and more vigorous, and can easily crossbreed creating a fertile hybrid. Native bluebells have become protected by UK law and we’re encouraged not to grow the Spanish variety in our gardens.


© Lisa Shambrook

The varieties have distinctive differences and the hybrids lean more to the stronger Spanish Bluebell.


Native British Bluebells © Lisa Shambrook

British Bluebells (hyacinthoides non-scripta)

Dainty, nodding and delicate.
They have narrow stems and leaves, and arch like a shepherd’s crook with delicate bells that droop.
The bells only hang from one side of the stem, nodding lightly.
They have a soft sweet scent and are often a deep purple, violet blue and have creamy white/yellow anthers and pollen.
Their bells are narrow and the petals curl back at the tips and they carry fewer flowers.



Spanish Bluebells © Lisa Shambrook

Spanish Bluebells (hyacinthoides hispanica)

Sturdy, upright and strapping.
These have a much thicker stem and leaves, standing tall and erect.
Their bells are more closely packed and their sturdy stems can hold more flowers.
The bells don’t hang they grow all around the stem and are generally a paler lilac blue.
They don’t really have a scent and their anthers and pollen are blue.
The bells are shorter and open wider.



© Lisa Shambrook

Both are beautiful, but the Spanish bluebells that once grew in my garden are now restrained in containers, while I allow the natives to sweep, unrestricted, through the undergrowth. And every now and again I’ll revel in the white bluebells that show their nodding faces…


Beneath the Rainbow © Lisa Shambrook

Here’s a fun author/writerly fact:
Bluebell bulbs and stems were once used to make glue that was used to bind books!

Where do you find your favourite bluebells? 

Amaranth Alchemy: The Gift of Words

Amaranth Alchemy Winter/Spring Collection

Amaranth Alchemy Winter/Spring Collection

In a few weeks Amaranth Alchemy will have been trading for five months, we’ve had fun and unexpected success and we offer much gratitude to everyone who has supported us! It’s been a delight to share wordy and bookish crafts and rescue books at the same time.

Old, worn and torn books, destined for the county tip, have come into our lives and we’ve been able to use them to enrich and create. Another offer of thanks go to all those who own a piece of our work, especially over Christmas, we hope you love it!


Winnie the Pooh, Alice and Adventure – Amaranth Alchemy

Right now, we’re preparing for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day and Easter won’t be too far behind. February sees lovers sharing hearts and flowers, and if I have anything to do with it, chocolate too, then 15th March celebrates Mothering Sunday in the UK…in the US I am reliably informed by my ‘the bright side’ diary that May 10th is ‘Mother’s Day (not the UK)’.

We have gifts for both him and her and would love you to take a peek

Gifts for Him and Her

Gifts for Him and Her – Amaranth Alchemy


Aragorn Loved Arwen – Amaranth Alchemy

We cater for fans of all variety…so if The Lord of the Rings is your beloved’s passion, then fall in love with Arwen and Aragorn

Winnie the Pooh delights all ages, especially mothers on Mother’s Day…

Winnie the Pooh - Amaranth Alchemy

Winnie the Pooh – Amaranth Alchemy

Sun and Moon Dictionary Necklaces - Amaranth Alchemy

Sun and Moon Dictionary Necklaces – Amaranth Alchemy

You can even find something for the Game of Thrones couple – My sun and stars… and, The moon of my life…

Poetry in motion with Dictionary Scrabble tile style necklaces…choose one of our premade pendants, or contact us and see if we have your special word and tile letter. We have some very happy commission customers!

Love, Star, Elvish Runes and Raven - Amaranth Alchemy

Love, Star, Elvish Runes and Raven Dictionary Necklaces – Amaranth Alchemy

It’s also highly likely that when we reach our six month mark, we may celebrate with a giveaway…don’t miss out, like our Facebook page and you’ll be ready!

Love Dictionary Necklace - Amaranth Alchemy

Love Dictionary Necklace – Amaranth Alchemy

Valentine’s Day is on its way! But don’t forget Mother’s Day too!

Little Women Bookmarks and Quote Plaques - Amaranth Alchemy

Little Women Bookmarks and Quote Plaques – Amaranth Alchemy

*All the photographs on this post belong to Amaranth Alchemy, but feel free to share them, especially on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter etc!

Fandom Character List Prints - Amaranth Alchemy

Fandom Character List Prints – Amaranth Alchemy

Rebirth: Spring Symphony

A Spring tale of rebirth for J.A.Mes Press Rebirth Anthology. All proceeds will go to a UK Stroke Charity.

Title: Spring Symphony
Author: Lisa Shambrook
Book: Yes

Spring Symphony


Spring Symphony © Lisa Shambrook

Spring shivered in delight as Jack’s intoxicating cloud of glitter eddied about her. She stared in awe at his ethereal design, an ice tattoo, shimmering like frozen lace across her scales. “Stay a little longer…” she begged, her work forgotten as she trembled beneath the newly painted webs of frost and feathers of rime that now patterned her violet wings. The cold wind whispered in her ear, but she snubbed the wind’s wise words, snorted and called after the playful pixie instead, “Wait! Wait for me!”

Jack grinned and ran his fingers through his silver hair, eyeing the dragon with amusement. He hopped up onto her back, over her spines and nestled between her vast wings. She launched into the air leaving a sparkling trail in her wake. She rose above shimmering trees, above the deep evergreens and ascended into fluffy clouds. She climbed until the air sent thrilling chills across her hide and her eyes shone as adrenalin pumped. Jack whooped and wrapped his arms around her neck and frost danced across her rainbow scales. For the first time in a long time, Spring felt more invigorated than ever before.

Behind her, and pushing up over the horizon, the April sun threw tentative rays to remind Spring of her responsibilities. Oblivious of the attempt to attract her, Spring swooped with abandon, spilling tiny flakes of glitter from her decorated wings. She sailed recklessly across the countryside, while Jack’s hands moved like a conductor casting spirals and flurries of ice, of stars and iridescent frost.

Usually Spring tiptoed in, slowly, earnestly, releasing the earth from Winter’s grip, but this year she wanted to fly, to soar, to make an impression! Ice laced the ground, glistening in the early morning sunshine, and the dragon giggled, “This is way more fun than crawling in with a yawn!” she cried. Jack sent her a wide grin and pitched a handful of snowflakes. She watched the flurry fall to the ground and spiralled after them.

The church clock below struck six as Spring glided down landing softly on the village green. Frost tickled her toes and dew clung to the grass and Jack slipped off her back. The dew froze as he skipped through it and Spring, entranced and flushed, followed as he wandered through the village. His fingers danced across windows creating a fretwork of sugared beauty, and his breath frosted the huge stained glass chapel windows glinting in the sun. He strung a chain of clear crystal jewels through the trees and crusted tiny shoots and buds in silver and white.

Snowdrops shivered and tears rested upon purple crocuses as they tried to push through the sparkling mantle. Grape hyacinths clustered tightly, nodding sadly, daffodils struggled and bluebells glistened like amethyst, but Spring was having far too much fun to listen to their whimpers of distress.

Spring danced on the frosty green until waking lights flickered on inside houses, then she lifted Jack high up into the azure sky. She tarried as people left their homes, winding scarves around their necks and pulling on hats and gloves. Murmurs of discontent wafted up into the clouds and feet crunched on the ground as people began their days.

Spring closed her ears to the gusting wind and ignored the warmth of the sun as it danced across her scales, but she couldn’t ignore Winter’s claim to her errant child.

A much subdued Jack clung to Spring’s neck as a sudden chill enveloped them and an out-of-season blizzard whirled about them high in the sky. Winter shook her gossamer wings and Spring struggled to stay in flight, but Winter guided her safely down.

Jack’s aggrieved lip curled as he slithered off her back and tried to slink away, but Winter retrieved her mischievous imp. “It’s time to go,” she chided.

Spring cast her eyes to the ground and the unseasonal blanket of white.

Winter nuzzled her sister’s nose. “Listen…just listen, bow your head and listen.”

Spring bent her neck and listened, she nodded. Winter turned Spring’s tear into the season’s last snowflake and smiled. She launched back into the air, leaving the violet dragon standing alone in the meadow.

Clarity flooded, swelling her heart, and the dragon hurriedly shook off her frosty embellishment. She lowered to the grass and rested her head among the green blades. Sorrow overwhelmed her and frost melted as her breath danced across the grass. A pink-tipped daisy warily unfurled its petals and shivered beneath Spring’s warmth. The daisy trembled and opened, exposed and vulnerable, staring up at the dragon. Tears welled behind Spring’s gentle eyes and she tenderly released her breath, warming the tiny daisy. The flower burgeoned and as its neighbours emerged Spring knew Winter was finally gone.

With sparkling eyes she leaped up into the air and fire rumbled in her belly. Warm currents cloaked her and the melting ice dripped tears of relief. The balmy breeze revived the frozen landscape, and as Spring finally wafted in, on Winter’s wings, carpets of bluebells chimed, and daffodils burst forth trumpeting their song heralding Spring’s new symphony.

(847 Words)

Read Autumn’s and Winter’s tales: Autumn Flame and Winter Hope.