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FlashMob: Time

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© Lisa Shambrook

My mouth curls upwards, unconsciously. Excitement pounds within my heart and my legs wobble, just for a moment.

“Are you coming?” he calls, turning back. His eyes pierce me; they’re green, as green as a peridot gemstone, and just as glistening.

Again, for a moment, I can’t speak. I just stand and gaze. He grins back, a boyish smile in a face that defies years, but speaks of youth and adventure. My heart slams against my ribs.

“Yes,” I whisper, as he fidgets and sweeps a hand through his auburn hair. The light, flashing behind him lights up his silhouette giving him a halo. I giggle. “Yes, I’m coming!”

I pull my wibbly legs together and set off after him, at a run to keep up. His stride lengthens and my heart leaps as my feet thump the pavement.

His coat flows like a cape, like a long gothic cloak, and for another moment, I imagine a deerstalker on his head, but no, this is not Sherlock…and I am not Watson.

His boots, buckled and studded, rap on the ground and I catch up. He turns to me again, not missing a step as I stumble beneath his gaze.

“You’re good with this?” he asks, that twinkle seeping into my very soul.

I nod. “Oh, yes, I’m good with this!” I reply.

Pale freckles, saturated by lamplight, dance upon his cheeks, across his nose, and I can barely restrain myself from reaching up and pushing his red hair out of his eyes. He shakes his hair away from his face.

“So,” he pauses, literally, and I almost run into him. “When did you know?”

“Kn-know what?” I stammer.

“When did you know you were coming with me?” His eyes search mine and I lower my face, staring at my shoes. His hand immediately lifts my chin and I cannot help but stare into those eyes.  If I didn’t know already, then this would be the moment! I cannot speak, my tongue is lost, and my heart threatens to explode from my chest.

“Secretly, I think you knew when we had lunch, that first day…” he grins.

And he’s right. My mind scrolls back, to the day we’d run, so much running, but we’d stopped to eat, finally famished.

I nod. “The fish fingers and custard did it for me!” I smile.

He cocks his head and stares deeply into my eyes then let’s go of my face and chuckles. “Yep, that’s often the moment!” Then he’s gone, again, striding ahead.

“Doctor!” I call, “Wait for me…”

My heart is yet again in my mouth as I round the corner and there he is, leaning against the doorway of the blue box, pooled in white light and promises of adventure…

(459 words)

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Five Sentence Fiction: Scarlet

He watched as she leaned nonchalantly against his blue, wooden box, a smile playing on her crimson lips as she listened, and he unwittingly ran his fingers through his dishevelled hair, “It’s just that I had it in my head that our meeting would be patriotic…the Ood prophecy was always in my mind when I thought of what, sorry, who you would be, and that white, military coat of yours,” he reached forward and tapped one of her smart, silver buttons, “will suffice, and you’re leaning against the bluest thing here…”
Her smile grew wider as she felt the Tardis, warm against her back.
“But red, we have nothing red, nothing to achieve the patriotic trio, red, white and blue!” he paused and sighed, “nothing red.”
Her grin broadened, “Ask me, Doctor…ask me my name.”
His shoulders rose questioningly as did his eyebrows and she placed a finger delicately on his lips, “I’m Scarlett.”