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Plastic-Free and Eco-Friendly – From Liquids to Bars and Solids – Should You Switch?

Switching from liquid, aerosol, and plastic-packaged products
has never been easier as we move into new markets for soaps,
shampoos, and deodorants. What do you use?

Plastic-free and Eco-Friendly - From Liquids to Bars and Solids – Should You Switch - The Last Krystallos

We live in a society of excess plastic, and packaging is a huge problem these days as we try to be more environmentally conscious. The books I’m currently writing are set well into a future that has abandoned plastic, and along with the vast amount of scientific evidence revealing the damage we’re doing to our planet right now, it’s inspired me to change my ways.  Reducing the use of plastic has become a big motivation to change many of the products I use.

There is no Planet B - The Last Krystallos

© Lisa Shambrook

I talk about plastic, its origins, and its future in my blog post Plastic – Polluting our Oceans – and we need to change. I also, touched on several ways to become more environmentally friendly in our lives in How to be Greener – and Save our Planet. We can all do something, even if it’s something small, and the most important thing is to recognise we need to change and begin.

Earth Conscious Grapefruit and Lemon Natural Deodorant - The Last Krystallos

Earth Conscious Grapefruit and Lemon Natural Deodorant © Lisa Shambrook

One of the things I was determined to change was my use of antiperspirant. I’ve used Dove’s solid antiperspirant for years and didn’t want to change – I struggle with change – but I wanted to be rid of the plastic container. Natural alternatives are deodorant, not antiperspirant, so it requires a change that can take time for your body to get used to.

I discovered creams in tins and solid deodorants in cardboard push up packaging. Due to sensory issues I chose the cardboard push up option, and bought Grapefruit and Lemon Natural Deodorant from Earth Conscious, a small business based on the Isle of Wight. I loved it, and it smelled heavenly. On the expensive side, £7 plus postage, rather than around £3 for my usual supermarket Dove, but prices are more likely drop when products become more mainstream. It worked well, but needed reapplying on hot sweaty days, which was to be expected, as deodorants work differently to antiperspirants.

The thing you need to be aware of when switching to a natural deodorant is that it takes time for your body chemistry to change. The two products antiperspirant and deodorant work in different ways and your body may react to a new product within a few weeks. After three weeks of easy use I got a slight red underarm rash, I stopped using the deodorant letting the rash clear up, and within another three weeks, I could use it again with no problems. Don’t go back to your old product, but let your body adjust. I read two great blog posts from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve which explained the whole process and made the transition to natural deodorant easy to understand – Transitioning to Natural Deodorant Part I and Part 2. You will also find you need to use less than you think, and the smaller weights will actually last much longer.       

Seanik Shampoo Bar Lush Tin - The Last Krystallos

Seanik Shampoo Bar from Lush © Lisa Shambrook

I’ve been using a shampoo barno plastic bottle, no parabens, silicones, and additives – for many years now, and my preferred bar is Seanik from Lush. My hair is thin and bottled shampoos were heavy leaving my hair limp and dull from additives. Using a natural bar has lifted my hair, encouraged less frequent washing, and is the best for my hair. I’m currently going grey and embracing my silver, and a shampoo bar still works beautifully. Shampoo bars are well known for lasting much longer than a bottle of shampoo, and are easily kept in a tin or soap dish by your bath.

Bio2You Lemon Soap Bar - The Last Krystallos

Bio2You Lemon Soap Bar © Lisa Shambrook

We’ve also recently switched from bottles of liquid soap to old-fashioned soap bars. It took a while for me to embrace this change, concerned about pH values and sensitive skin. I found a great article from Lisa Bronner Skin Health, pH, and Dr. Bronner’s Soap. She does the science and even water alters the pH balance when you wash your hands. We tested out soaps in bar form and it hasn’t affected eczema or dried out our skin. My current favourite is a lemon soap from Bio2You, which I bought at discount from TKMaxx. It smells delicious!

So what else can you switch? Try moisturising Bars – instead of hand creams etc in plastic dispenser bottles – try Lush or Etsy or local handmade bars mine is Turkish Delight from Naked Sister. I recently bought Lush’s Each Peach (and two’s a pair) massage bar and its citrus scent is beautifully invigorating! I’ve also used Soft Coeur too, which is lovely.

Moisturising Bar, Massage Bar, Lip Salve, Solid Perfume

Moisturising Bar, Massage Bar, Lip Salve, Solid Perfume © Lisa Shambrook

Lip balms are often packed into tins these days, Nivea Lip Butter is my favourite with Vanilla and Macadamia, and Blueberry Blush, but several other brands also do this.

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Love Etc solid perfume for years too, but I haven’t seen any new ones lately, and I don’t think it’s still available, which is something I believe they should rethink. Solid perfumes are great to carry in tins, just like lip salves.

Lush Seanick Shampoo Bar, Naked Sister Moisturising Bar, Nivea Lip Salve, The Body Shop Solid Perfume, Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant - The Last Krystallos

Nivea Lip Salve, Lush Seanick Shampoo Bar, Naked Sister Moisturising Bar, The Body Shop Solid Perfume, Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant © Lisa Shambrook

It’s important to also add that there are myriad recipes online for botanic and natural soaps, salves, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes etc… you don’t have to buy brands. You can try to make your own, or buy from experts on Etsy or at your local craft fair. Give it a try.

It’s difficult to radically change our lives, so working on one thing at a time is better than ignoring the peril our planet is in. Generations in our future are depending on us to eradicate excess plastic; they will already need to deal with the fallout from the amount of plastic already here, but we should be trying not to add to it.

Most of us are working on becoming better people – more aware environmentally, socially, and consciously. Becoming environmentally aware and active is a process and every single change for the better is a step in the right direction.

What have you been able to do?

What products have you switched to and can recommend?

Sensing my Signature Scents…

I thought I’d try something new on my blog…and write about some of my favourites, and decided to begin with fragrances…

I’m not a heavy perfume wearer, never have been, I can’t stand people who drown themselves in cologne or body spray then wander around in a cloud of it that gets right up peoples’ noses…but I do have my favourite scents, and who doesn’t like to smell good when they dress up?

So I browsed my collection…and it’s very obvious that I’m a Body Shop fan. I remember the little black-topped plastic 15ml bottles of Perfume Oil from Body Shop when I was a teenager, that only cost a few pounds. I think the first one I bought was ‘Strawberry’ then ‘Coconut’ always made me think of summer beaches, I had ‘Apple Blossom’, ‘White Musk’, ‘Mango’, and several others, the names of which escape me…the only one I ever kept was ‘Japanese Musk’ which I would never wear now because the fragrance is too heavy with jasmine, cedar and musk.

The only other throwback to my teens that I have now and still love is ‘Dewberry’, in its redesigned 15ml round glass bottles. I wear Dewberry and every time I open it I am taken back to my bedroom as a fifteen-year-old girl… It’s a delicious late summer berry fragrance, its top notes are blackcurrant, grapefruit, red apple and pear, middle are freesia, lily-of-the-valley, rose and jasmine and a base of peach, apricot, cedar and musk. I inhale the berries, rose and jasmine and adore it!
I used to own ‘Dewberry’ body lotion too and was pretty upset when Body Shop axed it some years later. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I saw the perfume oil back on sale in the Body Shop and bought it again! Right now it’s not available online in the Body Shop and hit and miss if your local has it. You can, however still buy ‘Dewberry’ Body Lotion, Bath and Shower gel.

I have a love of jasmine…I can’t think of a scent I like more than standing outside catching the late night heavy fragrance of jasmine growing across your wall and in my twenties I searched everywhere for The Body Shop’s discontinued ‘Jasmin’ Perfume Oil…I finally found one on ebay and bought it for almost £30. Sadly, it was a much heavier fragrance than I remembered and I really don’t wear it, but it does still evoke strong memories when ever I open it and take a sniff.

To move on, as I ‘grew up’ I moved to the more romantic scents and discovered another Body Shop Body Mist and Perfume Oil ‘The Spirit of Moonflower’. Fruity floral…when I wear it I think of a fresh, flowery watermelon day…hinting greatly at its notes of melon, coriander and gardenia at the top, cyclamen, lily-of-the-valley and lime blossom in the middle and base notes of jasmine and rose. It really is what it says it is…a spiritual, fruity floral…though unfortunately another that appears to be discontinued…

I got a bit miffed at The Body Shop always retiring my favourite perfumes, so searched elsewhere…but I never really found anything I loved. Perhaps the closest I found was a tester of ‘Adorably’ by Mango…a fruity, oriental flowery scent. Holding top notes of red berries and citruses, middle notes of pink pepper (no, never heard of pink peppers…), freesia and lily-of-the-valley and a base of amber, petchouli, musk and vanilla.
Not bad and certainly a perfume I liked, but I wasn’t used to buying branded perfumes or paying the price for them! My Mum had a penchant for Chanel No5…yes, the same one linked to Marilyn Monroe…and Mum had a nice 5ml bottle. So guess which of her cute, 5 or 6-year-old daughters decided to wear the whole lot at once? Yes, the whole bottle…um, that would be me…and I remember buying her a replacement bottle for about £55 when I was about 17, and thinking that was astronomical for a teeny, tiny bottle of perfume! So my perfume choices were thus constrained!

And then…yes, and then…I found my perfect fragrance! And yes, you guessed it…from The Body Shop.

I’d given up on finding anything lovely with Jasmine…and there it was…Neroli Jasmin. No, I didn’t know what Neroli was either… ‘a brown oil distilled from the flowers of various orange trees, esp the Seville orange: used in perfumery’ So now we all know!

Once I knew that, I thought jasmine and orange blossom…yes, I’m onto a winner!
One spray and sniff in the shop and I was hooked. I bought the 100ml Body Mist first for £7, and within a week or two had picked up the  30ml Perfume Oil for a couple of pounds more.
I love the spritz of body mist, nice to walk through and mist my hair, to spray before dressing and a general top up when I want a fragrance…and the Perfume Oil for when I want a longer, more intense scent.
Neroli Jasmin’s top notes are neroli, freesia and violet leaf, middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine and peony and base notes of sandlewood, vanilla, amber and musk.
I feel feminine, sexy and altogether great whilst wearing it!
Definitely my signature scent, and one that I’ve stocked up on! If Body Shop ever want to retire this one they’ll have a fight on their hands!

I think my favourite scents are becoming pretty evident now…a few years back I was searching for Christmas presents, (I have ten nieces…) and came across ‘Impulse Body Spray – New York’…as I read the back I thought, I’ll give this a try too…Only £1.99 (I may have only spent £1 at the time) and containing apple, red berries, jasmine and sandlewood, worked for me! Though I do prefer pump action body sprays rather than aerosols. The Body Shop Body Mists are heavier, more liquid when applied than ‘Impulse’ which is so much more lighter and airy.

Just this year Bekah got a couple of Body Shop vouchers from a magazine, (yes, she bought more than one to get more than one voucher…and I bought one too) and we browsed the shop trying to decide what to buy for £5…Make up? Body lotion? Lip balms? Home Fragrance Oil (yes, I like them too)? In the end we checked out the ‘Love Etc’ perfume and discovered the little heart-shaped tin of solid perfume…not something we’d come across before. £5…perfect and it smelled good! So we both bought one, and she went back a day or two later with another voucher and bought the £5 trial spray. I’ve never used a solid perfume before, so this was interesting, but fascinating. A brilliant idea to keep in your purse for a top up, or to just rub onto your pulse points when needed. It lasts well and guess what the notes are? A fusion of neroli, pear and bergamot at the top, jasmine, heliotrope and lily-of-the-valley in the middle and base notes of vanilla, sandlewood and musk. Ring any bells? To me it’s a soft summer fruit fragrance with sweet shop tones…marshmallow and candyfloss ( that would be the vanilla!).

So, now you know my favourite scents… 
which would be something like Jasmine, Neroli, Red Berries,
and a base of Sandlewood or Vanilla…
What do you like?

‘Dewberry’, ‘The Spirit of Moonflower’, ‘Neroli Jasmin’, ‘Love Etc’… all found at The Body Shop (though ‘Spirit of Moonflower’ is probably no longer available)

‘Impulse Body Spray – New York’ was a limited edition spray, so may also be unavailable, but I bought mine at Superdrug. You can find it at Boots.

‘Mango Adorably’ Needs to be Googled, it’s available at Amazon and many other sites from £1 up to £30