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Flash Friday! Change

Ani stood beside her mother, staring up into the angry sky. She tensed and pretended the low grumble was her stomach.

“Don’t be scared Ani, there’s a storm brewing.”

Ani’s eyes sparkled as her lip twitched. She cast a glance back into the cavern, into the dim, flickering darkness.

Clouds blustered across the slate grey heavens, billowing and roiling like smoke from an exiled dragon’s belly. Ani thrust out her arms letting the gale roll across her tingling skin. Her mother smiled and spoke as her skirts whipped about her legs. “It’s like something’s waiting to happen…”

Ani swallowed her giggle, twirled, and hurried back inside. The dark corner beckoned and Ani swept her own skirts beneath her as she sank to the floor.  She pulled back the ragged cloth and stroked the lightning bolt crack running down the marbled egg. A sharp intake of breath behind her made her jump. “Don’t be scared Ma,” she said. “Change is brewing…”

(160 Words)

A short tale for Rebekah Postupak’s Flash Friday!…this week’s prompt the extraordinary caves of Vardezia and thunderstorm…take a look at the other tales, some great takes on the prompt!