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Visual Dare: Normalcy

Doris tightened her lips and clenched her buttocks as she strode purposefully forward, under her best town hat. 
The city was not the place for her. 
The bus ride was best forgotten, particularly the appalled gasps of revulsion when her goose evacuated his behind and shook his tail feathers. The marabou plumes on the chic lady’s hat shook with the same shivering rhythm, but for very different reasons, and they’d been politely ushered off to continue on foot. 
The goose followed with a surprisingly majestic gait, but his constant honking strengthened both her resolve and humiliation. She avoided bemused giggles and glanced up at the street sign before turning resolutely onto Main Street.   
Heavy, ornate signage, chandeliers and swirly scripted menus intimidated, but before she pushed through the doors with countryside naivety and offered up her fattened prize, she checked: roast goose and fois gras were still on the menu. 
(150 Words)

How can you not write about this picture? 
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Visual Dare: Secret

This piece continues from my last  Visual Dare – Emerging:
“You’re me?” My eyes adjusted in the dim light and I stared with incredulity at the girl who’d invaded my room. 
“Yes, time travel, future you” I stretched out my hand and she flinched as I brushed her fingers.
I let my older-self take my hand and our minds forged! I couldn’t help but smile.
“C’mon, we’re going to have some fun!” I paused for a split second as she got to her feet, marvelling at my own innocence, at the surprise and delight on my young face.
Then she pulled me through the frame and I stepped into the dark, alley. “Where are we going?”
We ran, hand in hand, and I pulled out my key. “Forget Narnia and the Secret Garden, and this is more exciting than going through the looking glass…” I turned the key in the ancient, oak door and silver moon-light lit up our faces… 
(150 Words)
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Visual Dare: Emerging

I ran, trying not to trip over my skirts, and held the swinging lamp as steady as I could.

Staying at Aunt Louise’s stern home for the entire school holiday would be torture. So I lie on my bed and stared at the only interesting thing in the house.  

Not long now, excitement bubbled as I hurried down the cobbled corridor lit only by a narrow crescent moon.

I sighed and blew out the candle. The gilded frame and its mysterious, dark alleys sank into gloom. I turned, only twisting back when an unexpected bobbing light emanated across the room.

I reached the gilded frame set at the cul-de-sac, hitched up my skirt and stepped through and there I was, staring at my intrusion in amazement…

I jumped when the girl climbed through the frame…

“Don’t be scared!” I grinned at my younger self, “That boring summer isn’t boring anymore!”

(150 Words)

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Visual Dare #34:Kiss and Five Sentence Fiction: Vision

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #34: Kiss and
Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction: Vision

The room was clinical and sparse, but comfortable despite its mint green walls and overly starched bed linen. Dad stood by the window, his hands in his pockets, staring out with his lost puppy-dog expression and Meg knew he wasn’t checking the tears that slipped down his face.
She bit her lip and gazed at her heavily medicated mum.
Meg leaned across the bed and rested her cheek against her mother’s soft face. Her kiss elicited no response and Meg closed her eyes picturing, just for once, that she had a normal mum, and she bit back her conflicting resentment.

(100 Words)

(Five Sentences)

Visual Dare: Disobey

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #32

It was her self-assured smile that caught me… 
No one had ever caught more than a glimpse before, let alone actually snare me. 
I, the elusive ghost of the night, the wild and dark spirit that troubled those who thought they saw me, those whose fear kept them trapped by their own limits.
It was a small girl, with power unseen and an indomitable belief in her dreams that tamed me.
She ignored every warning and waited in the snow, and when I was more than a shadow she smiled, and when winter’s icing sugar snow revealed me, I followed…
(100 Words)

Triple Visual Dare #1: Five Sentence Fiction: Candidate

Anonymous Legacy’s Triple Visual Dare #1
Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction – Candidate

When Alice tumbled through the rabbit hole and chased the white rabbit through the forest, she knew she was onto a winner. Time was no constraint, but as the path narrowed the bunny skidded left and Alice almost lost him. She veered after him and reeled at the top of the spiral staircase, teetering on the top step.
Alice paused, smoothed her long, blond hair and adjusted her black ribbon; it was a long way to the bottom…
The rabbit’s cottontail bounced from step to step and she couldn’t resist, she was a prime candidate set for a new wonderland…

(100 Words)
(3 Visual Dare Photographs)
(5 Sentences)

Written for Anonymous Legacy’s Triple Visual Dare #1 including all three images, but not managing to link with my current NaNoWriMo project! However, maybe there are bonus points for keeping it to five sentences for Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction?

Visual Dare: Eclipse

Anonymous Legacy’s Visual Dare #26

She stood in silence, watching. Watching was all she ever did now. 
Children tumbled and shouted, and squealed and leaped into flurries of snow, and Emilie wished she could join in. Laughter filled the frigid air, but no-one cared how cold it was and snowballs landed in soft thuds amid a volley of excited shrieks.
Emilie held her gloved hands to her face and breathed out. Memories rose as frozen, crystal vapour coiled before her like thick dragon smoke. She wanted to join in, but no one ever saw her, not since then…and her veiled hands shielded her dragon burns.
(100 Words)

Being a Flash Fictioneer (like a writing Musketeer…or something similar…)

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)

Scribbling notes onto scrap paper, improvising stories in the playground, acting ‘spies’ in the park with my brother and creating long detailed character lists for future epics was how I spent half my childhood…drawing and reading occupied the other half!

Then I grew up and life got busy!

I continued to imagine and write, but barely more than a diary entry or shopping list…
It took years before my confidence recovered enough to allow my creative side freedom once more. When my youngest was born I began to write again creating a world of fantasy and dragons for my children, and I knew I had to let my writing develop wings of its own.

After discovering Twitter, some random follows lead me to Five Sentence Fiction with Lillie McFerrin. Over Christmas last year I read lots of entries, but wasn’t sure of blogging etiquette and whether I could just join in…I could! I threw myself in feet first with Clandestine and there it was my first ever Flash Fiction!

I got some encouraging comments, another first for my humble little blog, and I couldn’t wait for the following week’s word, hoping my ability to string together a little paragraph with a twist wasn’t just a ‘flash in the pan’ (pun intended!)
The following week gave my writing purpose and creativity.
Til then everything I’d written over ten years had been lengthy works in progress and one finished book. I hadn’t written anything short, bar occasional poetry. Five sentences had fired my brain, making me think hard and forcing me to create a whole story in nothing more than a few lines.
It made me confront structure, characters, language, nuances, metaphors and twists; I even had to brush up on grammar, though I’m no way an expert, so forgive a few semi-colons lurking where they shouldn’t!
Five sentences had me trying prose, a snapshot of a moment, a whole story and many other variations in creative writing in response to a single prompt word.

And along the way I made friends who, without knowing, built up not only my self-confidence and writing skills, but my self-worth at the same time.

When, in April, I saw many friends entering Anna Meade and Susi Holliday‘s Once Upon A Time Contest I read the entries eagerly, but didn’t think I could enter, then several bloggers asked if I was, and I suddenly realised I’d become part of a wonderfully supportive writing community, and if I believed in my writing it was time to diversify! So I entered and this adventure ended with my story being included in the Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Unexpected Fairytales book amongst authors I really admire!

Since then my Flash Fictioneering has grown, my blog has become a writer’s blog and my skills have expanded.

I’ve taken part in the Forbidden Love Bloghop hosted by LillieRuth and Janelleyearningforwonderland’s Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest with The Coat, for which I got an Honourable Mention, and Waiting; I wrote an Unzombie Tale for zombiemechanics flash fiction contest and completed Terri Long’s Blogflash2012.
I’ve written actual stories, learning how to craft and structure, I’ve learned how to cut what doesn’t matter. I’ve learned  how every word counts, especially in anonymouslegacy’s Visual Dare and jezri’s Nightmare’s 55 Word Challenge, both Angela and Lisa’s challenges show that every word makes a difference and you quickly discover what you don’t need!
These visual prompts allowed me to explore different genres and ideas and put me on the spot, 55 Words only allows 24 hours…think fast!

Becoming a Flash Fictioneer has helped me no end, there are still new prompts I want to try sweetbananaink’s Friday Night Write‘s musical prompt chief among them, though I’ve learned that right now my weekend’s are usually too busy to write! And try oneword my latest find, hit the button, see the word and you have sixty seconds to write!

So if you want to flex those creative muscles, get over to one of these sites, I shouldn’t need to prompt you now, should I?

*Note: There are other Flash Fiction sites available: glitterword’s Tuesdaytalescaramichaels Menagemonday and Donna B. McNichol’s Write4ten to name a few. If I’m missing any you love, feel free to comment below!

Visual Dare: Scattered

Shoes lay abandoned, forsaken and forgotten. 
Once-proud, tall, glamorous heels sat beside discarded slip-ons and superfluous slippers congregated with redundant odd sling-backs. 
Velcro was unstuck, laces untied, buckles rusted and straps broken. Even thigh-high boots had lost their appeal, and thrust-aside trainers littered the pavement beside unwanted sandals. 
All sat silent and lost, except for a roller-skate which creaked forward in quiet desperation when the wind blew.
Now feet were bare and unprotected since mankind discovered the ability to defy gravity. 
He hovered, freshly appointed, wondering whether the new power of levitation stretched to the reorganisation of shoes… 
(98 Words)

Visual Dare: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple
“So what happens now?” squawked the raven.
“We live…simple…” The cat shrugged. 
“And what about the old lady?” 
The cat sighed deeply. “She’s dead, of course.”
“And the horse, and the cow, and the goat, and the dog?” The raven cawed.
“…and the spider and the fly…all dead.” The cat licked his paw.
“Is it our fault? I mean, the dog would never have caught the spider…that was my job, and it was yours to catch me!”
“What can I say? We failed her.”
“Avoided her, you mean…”
The cat shrugged again. “I blame the fly…” 
(96 Words)