With Authors

all-the-what-ifs, angela-lynn, novel, YA,

27th January 2016 – Author Interview with Angela Lynn
Author Feature – Angela Lynn
Angela’s Website: AngWrites


Wind Chime Wedding Sophie Moss,
10th July 2015:
 Author Interview with Sophie Moss
Author Feature: Sophie Moss
Sophie’s Website: Sophie Moss

* * *

the complicated geography of alice, jules vilmur, book, transgender teen, transgender,

3rd July 2015: Author Interview with Jules Vilmur
Author Feature – Jules Vilmur
Jules’ Website: Laurustina

* * *


26th June 2015: Author Interview with J. Whitworth Hazzard
Author Feature – J. Whitworth Hazzard
James’ Website: Zombie Mechanics

* * *

Orison - Daniel Swensen

19th June 2015: Author Interview with Daniel Swensen
Author Feature – Daniel Swensen
Daniel’s Website: Surly Muse



12th June 2015: An interview with Lizzie Koch
The Adventures of Katie Button – Lizzie Koch
Lizzie Koch’s Website: 40 Something Undomesticated Devil


Red Nails Cover

17th February 2014: An Interview with Diane Legendre
Red Nails: New Book release for DC Legendre


Oceanswept Chronicles

9th December 2013: An interview with Lara Hays
Oceanswept Chronicles: Lara Hays
Lara’s website: Lara Hays


Minstrel and Darrion

10th October 2013: An interview with Marissa Ames
Darrion: Marissa Ames
Marissa’s website: Minstrels and Heroes

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