With Lisa Shambrook

16. IASD Writer's Lives

16th May 2020: Writer’s Lives with IASD
Writer’s Lives – Lisa Shambrook


15. frank parker 240119

25th January 2019: Author Interview by Frank Parker
A Date With … Lisa Shambrook


14. Wendy Steele 190918

19th September 2018: Author Interview by Wendy Steele
Lisa Shambrook – author of ‘The Surviving Hope’ novels and ‘A Symphony of Dragons’


13. Ailsa Abraham Bingergread Cottage 16th July 2016
16th july 2016: Lisa Shambrook by Ailsa Abraham Bingergread Cottage
Lisa Shambrook


Amazing Books and Authors

22nd June 2016: Human 76 Interview by Amazing Authors and Books
Human 76 Multiple Author Interview


Judith Barrow
22nd June 2016: Tenby Book Fair by Judith Barrow
Today with Lisa Shambrook


Thompson Authors

18th May 2016: Carmarthen Book Fair Author Interview by Thompson Authors
Interview with Carmarthen Book Fair Participant Lisa Shambrook


Shelley Wilson I write, I read, I review 060416

5th April 2016: Author Interview by Shelley Wilson
Author Interview – Meet Lisa Shambrook TuesdayBookBlog YA


Writer Christoph Fischer 300615.

16th December 2015: Welsh Wednesdays Interviews by Writer Christoph Fischer
Welsh Wednesdays Interview: Lisa Shambrook


Writer Christoph Fischer 300615

30th June 2015: Author Interview by Writer Christoph Fischer
Interview with Lisa Shambrook – contributer to Charity Anthology
‘You’re Not Alone’


Chris the Story Reading Ape

14th March 2015: Guest Author interview by Chris the Story Reading Ape
Read About Guest Author Lisa Shambrook


Read Write Muse...November 8th 2014: An interview by LaDonna Cole for Read Write Muse:
Top Ten Things Found Beneath by Lisa Shambrook

*Note: Read Write Muse has closed and this post can now be found on my own blog as:
10 Things I Discovered Beneath – 31st August 2016


Zombie Mechanics 131013
13th October 2013: An interview by James Hazzard at Zombie Mechanics:
‘Lisa Shambrook’s ‘Beneath the Rainbow’ Relaunch’


Sarah Aisling 121013
12th October 2013: An interview by Sarah at Sarah Aisling:
‘Interview and Giveaway: Beneath the Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook’


Minstrels and Heroes 101013
10th October 2013: An Interview by Marissa Ames at Minstrels and Heroes:
‘Lisa Shambrook: Beneath the Rainbow’


Office Mango 081013
8th October 2013: An Interview by Laura Jamez at Office Mango:
‘Beneath the Rainbow – Relaunch’


Sophie Moss Writes 010413
1st April 2013: An interview by Sophie Moss at Sophie Moss Writes:
‘Meet Lisa Shambrook, Author of Beneath the Rainbow’


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