A Symphony of Dragons

Symphony_of_Dragons_L_Shambrook_FC_WEBAuthor: Lisa Shambrook

Publisher: BHC Press – Asher

Date of Publication: March 2017

Retail Price:
£8.49 UK Paperback/$9.95 US Paperback
£3.61 UK eBook/$4.59 US eBook

ISBN: 978-1-946006-58-5 Paperback

Cover Blurb:
“Let the song of dragons lead you…”

Lose yourself in the enchanting worlds of fantasy, contemporary, steampunk, and post-apocalyptic, and let your imagination soar on a chorus of dragon wings. This lyrical collection of tales embracing change and desire, love and belonging, passion, sacrifice and triumph are composed with gossamer threads of dragon fire.

Seven bewitching stories, including a Surviving Hope finale and a prelude to the forthcoming Seren Stone Chronicles.


Writing A Symphony of Dragons

A Symphony of Dragons book by Lisa Shambrook

© Lisa Shambrook

A Symphony of Dragons took me back to my writing roots…fantasy. When I began rewriting The Seren Stone Chronicles, I knew I wanted to release a book of short stories, something to enchant you while you waited. It was easy to decide a theme and all the short stories here follow the theme of dragons.

I loved writing Flash Fiction and some of those stories cried out to be included, along with some previously published works from other anthologies. I also wanted to revisit my novels; I wanted to write a final story for The Surviving Hope Novels – a story that takes you back to Freya, Meg, and Jasmine, and explore what they’ve become. I think you’ll love Ruby! And, in writing The Seren Stone Chronicles, I wanted to share the Legend of the Seren Stone with you; a teaser…

In A Symphony of Dragons you get seven of my favourite stories:

A Symphony of Seasons
Change – The seasons arrive on dragon wings…
If you thought you knew how the seasons arrived
– think again. They arrive with dragons.

The Apothecary’s Art
Desire – A dangerous love potion…
He’s looking for a love potion,
but going to get much more than he asked for.

Between Ice and Fire
Love – Carving love in ice…
It’s a freezing morning when Laine comes
across an ice sculptor – will he carve a place in her heart?

Beneath Freya’s Dragon
Belonging – The finale…
A fitting and inspiring closing tale to my
Surviving Hope novels which can also be read as a standalone story.
Freya, Meg, and Jasmine find peace.

Noctilite Tryst
Passion – Dancing beneath la luna…
When dragon’s find their soulmate it requires passion, fire,
and a dance beneath the moon.

Sacrifice – Atoning Steampunk…
Faced with a ferocious dragon battle, steampunk Captain
Jericha Blacklocke and her crew make a devastating choice…

The Seren Stone Legend
Triumph – Arianwen’s legend…
The Daenmawr has attacked post-apocalypse Wales, only Arianwen can conquer the beast.
She becomes the legend that accompanies the forthcoming Seren Stone Chronicles.


A Symphony of Dragons - dragon themed short stories - by Lisa Shambrook

This book, ephemeral yet beautifully fulfilling, will introduce you to my writing, my style, and my imagination if you haven’t read my books or flash fiction before, and will be an enchanting addition to your collection if you have.

The cover painting was a labour of love… I spent December grabbing moments to sketch and paint and see if I could remember my painting skills! I rather fell in love with this dragon and I adore the cover complete with beautifully chosen font by BHC Press, my publishers.

A Symphony of Dragons is available in eBook and paperback from most online retailers, all links are found on my website and at BHC Press. You can also buy signed and discounted paperbacks from my own Etsy shop, Amaranth Alchemy, too.

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