Art and Photography

You can find my Photography on Flickr and on The Shutterworks Photoblog and here:

Colours to Inspire - Neutrals - What's Your Favourite - brown, grey, black, and white - The Last Krystallos
Colours to Inspire – Neutrals – What’s Your Favourite? – 3rd May 2017
(Colours that inspire, colours, neutrals, black, grey, brown, white)


Colours to Inspire - What's Your Favourite - The Last Krystallos...

Colours to Inspire – Jewel Tones – What’s Your Favourite? – 5th April 2017
(Colours that inspire, colours, photography, jewel tones)



Art by Instagram – Sharing your Artistic Streak with the World: Colours and Seasons – 8th February 2017
(photography, nature, Instagram, photo editing, app, sharing, colours, seasons)


mist-early-morning-river-mistPlaying with Pictures – 20th January 2014
(Digital Photography, Amateur Photoshop, Professional Photoshop)


ab2b4-aquilegianoddingpurpleInstagram vs Streamzoo…Photo Apps – 30th October 2012
(Photo Apps, Instagram, Streamzoo – now retired)


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