The Seren Stone Chronicles

The Seren Stone Chronicles promo pic by ©Lisa Shambrook

© Lisa Shambrook

Genre: Fantasy Trilogy

Books: The Seren Stone
Orca’s Quest
Shattered Stars

Author: Lisa Shambrook

Publisher: BHC Press – Asher/TBA

Date of Publication: TBA

Retail Price: TBA



“Courage can change you.”

Centuries beyond post-apocalyptic, the landscape of Wales has turned into a whole new country… and the rumble of dragons has returned…


Writing The Seren Stone Chronicles Book Three Nov 2018 Lisa Shambrook

© Lisa Shambrook

The Seren Stone is the first book in The Seren Stone Chronicles, a trilogy, currently a work in progress. Loren, Will, and Cat find themselves drawn through time to an unrecognisable future. They meet Orca, a cowardly lechrad, who is dismayed when he discovers they’ve brought with them a powerful jewel that is both revered and craved. When ice-spitting dragons steal their younger sister, Cat, and the gem, Loren, Will, and Orca are forced into a pursuit that will change them forever.

Orca’s Quest is the second book in the series. Orca teams up with Loren, Will, and Cat to achieve his greatest dream. He cannot possibly know the jeopardy he’s about to place those he loves the most into. Siroc, the Welsh Red, will cause as much pain as he can to thwart Orca’s deepest desire, and his friends will need to fight for their lives.

The Seren Stone dragons and Orca - Lisa Shambrook - May 2019

© Lisa Shambrook

Shattered Stars will close the trilogy as the third book. Wrenched back into the future Loren, Will, and Cat have no idea how the chaos they land in began. Morwenna is missing, Kryos is fragile, and fires blaze in the Borders. They have no idea they’re about to witness a legend and a miracle, but the consequences will be dire.


These books are at various stages of development, from first draft, to edits, to beta reading, and more. Please follow my blog to keep up to date as these gems are cut and polished and you’ll know when they shines enough to be released.