Amaranth Alchemy

Breathing new life into old pages…

When you grow up losing yourself in books you can’t help but have an affinity to the written word that will last a life time.  Amaranth Alchemy’s brand of creativity involves rescuing old, unwanted and damaged books breathing new life into their pages.

Amaranth Alchemy is a unique gift shop on Etsy created by a mother and daughter team who adore words and art of every kind.


Amaranth Alchemy Products…

Lisa is an author, photographer and an all-round artsy dreamer. Her novels ‘Beneath the Rainbow’ and ‘Beneath The Old Oak’ are available to critical acclaim. When she’s not writing her third novel, or flash fiction, she can be found tinkering with other arty projects.

Bekah is an artist and designer by trade, spending time as a Make-Up Artist out on photo shoots, and designing websites, logos and all manner of arty things. She can be discovered at Masterpiece Artistry.

Lisa and Bekah have an eye for all things of natural beauty and a talent for putting creative arts together.

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Amaranth Alchemy products…


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20th January 2015: The Gift of Words

23rd September 2014: Breathing New Life into Old Books


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