NaNoWriMo Teaser: Blood

One week into NaNoWriMo and Meg McNulty from Darcy to Dionysus has challenged us to give you a peek into our novels…please remember these are unedited words…we’re all pretty desperate to get in there and tidy up and tweak etc, but November is for writing, anything else comes later! I’ve locked my inner editor away…
For the uninitiated  NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month (November) where us rather mad writerly types attempt to write 50,000 words in one month. I’m on track…
So here’s mine, it’s double the 100 words requested, but hey, that’s how writing works! 
Photograph: Blood in the Sink by Lisa Shambrook and Instagram
(Please do not use without permission)

Meg’s heart pumped and tears spilled, but she refused to make a sound. In fury she caught up a drinking glass and dropped it into the water. It sank to the bottom of the sink and Meg heard the pop of shattering glass beneath the water. She wiped her tears on her arm and stared at the broken glass. Another deep breath followed and she slowly reached into the water to retrieve the tumbler. She ignored the gnawing heat and wrapped fingers around the bottom of the glass. The subsequent plume of scarlet that rose through the water like a spiral of red ink fascinated her and she released her fingers. She moved her hand through the water, watching the flow of blood follow then came to her senses and pulled her hand out of the sink. Droplets of blood rolled off her hand and splashed into the red liquid. Meg clasped her hand to her, holding the cut tightly closed and sank to the floor. This time she allowed her tears to fall uncontrolled and she wept.
Crystal water coloured by her scarlet blood and Meg continued to sob, her chest heaving with effort, but no sound left her lips and no one came.

18 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Teaser: Blood

  1. mysoulstears

    Well done. (: I read this several times. Just because it evoked imagery that was so realistic. Like I could see the character, the sink, the water, the broken glass, and the blood. I like it.

  2. Sarah

    Fabulously evocative snippet, such a natural reaction to watch the blood flowing and swirling. That urge to edit at this stage is so great but well done this is good and pleased you posted! A real teaser too with so many questions unanswered, who? why? what? Can't wait for the swirly waters to subside to find out more!

  3. Laura James

    First thing I wanted to do was gather Meg up and tell her it would be fine, I'd sort it! agree with other comments the imagery is just lovely, keep going I want to know what happens 🙂

  4. Jo-Anne Teal

    You've written an extremely clear scene here, Lisa, and it does, as others have said, allow the reader to see it in his/her mind. It may be difficult to continue such thorough imagery throughout a longer work but my hat is off to you for trying. I always, always enjoy your stories and the emotion you invoke. Well done you!!!

  5. Lisa Shambrook

    I'm managing to avoid editing, but I have to reread what I've written each day! As to 'who' and 'why' as one of my chapter titles says: 'Just a Girl'…one with too many anxieties.

  6. Lisa Shambrook

    Thanks Jo-Anne, my writing style is heavy on the emotion, which can be draining. I've warned my family that I'm likely to channel it at times, but they've been there before…patience is their virtue if not mine!When I wrote 'Beneath the Rainbow' it was painful and highly charged and took some months to put the first draft together, so you're right, keeping emotionally charged for the whole NaNo month will be a feat, but one worth trying!


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