Monday Mixer: Bound and Free

Some great words in Jeff’s Monday Mixer over at The Latinum Vault. Requirements are to include at least three of his nine chosen words in a 150 word piece. Including at least one thing, verb and adjective. I decided to throw caution to the wind (which I wish existed in this current heatwave!) and go for placing all nine words, thus aiming for Overachiever:

(Please do not use without permission)
Bound and Free

Craven thoughts stifled him, like the heat in the chapel. He eyed the nattering congregation, and gazed at the threadbare carpet as his trembling fingers moved to the small, glass orb attached to his cummerbund. The fandangle shone, refulgent in the sunlit rays cast through the stained glass.  
Inside the orb, whispers and beguiling tones echoed enchanting his soul and the wraith allowed herself a rival’s glimpse as a glorious blizzard of white swept down the aisle, like a portent in the summer heat.
His bride stood, innocent, beside her swain as sweat bloomed upon his lip. 
One word would exchange his bride with the nefarious spirit trapped within the orb, but his hand closed around the sphere, blinding her power, and wallop, his heart hammered and courage prevailed; a sharp tug freed him, letting the orb drop like a discarded marble, and his heart remained true to his betrothed. 
(150 Words)
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