Face Painting from Cute Rabbits to Gory Zombies…

This could well be one of the faces that started it…
Bekah took on re-creating Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ character faces for her A-level work a year or so ago. See Here for Bekah’s Original Art Post She made us all up as character’s…even myself as the Queen of Hearts…no, don’t look! It turned into amazing exam work and took her off to art college.
Now art college wasn’t working…She was in college from 9am to 4pm, then working evenings from 5pm to 9pm and was struggling to complete homework etc. Things didn’t go well, and she had no time for her newly developed love of facepainting, so with our support she decided to leave college and concentrate on starting up her own business.
Work was financing the set up and she’s talented enough to pull it off! We’re so proud that she’s out there doing something she loves and attempting one of the hardest things…starting your own business.
She’s worked on advertising, business cards, and many, many faces…
Just recently she’s been working on special effect make up. Part of her A-Level had her make up her little sister as a zombie…and now the gory looks are expanding!
Bekah’s Facepainting Business page is: Masterpiece Face Painting Take a look… She’s had some strong interest is now planning faces for her first paying work…children’s parties…

Anyone want a tiger?
Or a little Monster?
There are cool sharks and spiders for the lads,
and unicorns and rainbows for the girls…
Gorgeous Swirls and Fairy Masks
Go extreme, be Darth Maul…
What about an evil clown…. *Shiver*
The Zombie…now we enter special effect make up…
So this is my youngest daughter after oldest daughter got hold of her…What can I say?
If you could be made up or painted what would you choose? Cute or pretty? Gory and disturbing? Traditional or something different?
What do you think?

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