Five Sentence Fiction: Fairywings and Marriage


Fairywings © Lisa Shambrook

Stars twinkled in the indigo sky and the tiny chain of fairies made their way down through the purple aubrietia, just inches from Tally’s dirty knees. A small crowd had already gathered beneath the hawthorn, but Tally’s beady eyes remained fixed upon the tiny fairy that sashayed at the head of the procession.

Diminutive drops of diamond dew glistened upon the pink London pride that weaved through the imp’s hair, and wood anemone petals draped her body, tied with a delicate belt of gossamer silk. She carried pale speedwell and tiny alpine blooms, and trailed dandelion wishes and baby’s breath as she fluttered her gauzy wings, and elegantly walked down the nodding forget-me-not aisle to her princely suitor.

Six-year-old Tally blinked incredulously, shrugging off the chill as she wriggled beneath the rhubarb, ignoring the shrill call from her mother; she wasn’t going to miss this for anything, and certainly not for bedtime!

000. NewFSFBadge Bekahcat June 2012
Another Five Sentence Fiction…this time dedicated to Lillie McFerrin and her forthcoming nuptials…this is for you Lillie… x


10 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Fairywings and Marriage

    1. Lisa Shambrook Post author

      Lol, Lillie put a note on this week’s about being ensconced in seating plans and wedding prep. You won’t put her off Miranda, she’s in that happy place! I appreciated yours though, raw, but real…
      Thanks both for your comments and Sophie for the share! x

  1. Peter Nena

    Great prose, Lisa. And poetry. “Diminutive drops of diamond dew/glistened upon the pink London pride/ that weaved through the imp’s hair/and wood anemone petals draped her body/ tied with a delicate belt of gossamer silk.” Vivid description, sweet prose. I am in love with this. Good work.


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